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Swap Allocations

Swap launches require interested participants to prefund the launch during the launch window. The prefund amount is a chosen amount by the participant and may be limited to a minimum amount if specified by the launcher.

At the end of the launch window, each participant's allocation will be determined using their Atlo Rating as at the start of the launch window. This is done as follows:

  1. Every participant’s Atlo Rating is summed as a total of all participants’ Atlo Ratings in the launch (Allocation Pool Total Atlo Rating)
  2. Each participant is then allocated tokens as follows:

$$ \begin{align} Allocation = min(\frac{ParticipantAtloRating}{\sum AtloRating} \times Total Raise, Participant Allocation Amount) \end{align} $$

  1. If any allocation is less than the governance parameter MinAllocationAtlo, then the participant with the smallest allocation is removed, the allocation amount is returned to the Allocation Pool and the formula is executed again for all remaining participants in the pool. This is done until the smallest allocation in the Allocation pool is greater than or equal to MinAllocationAtlo
  2. If any allocation remains after the above process is complete, then the next task is to allocate tokens to those that overfunded. If the Total Raise Remaining is more than the Total Overfund Amount, then all remaining Participants receive their full overfund allocation. If the Total Raise Remaining is less than the Total Overfund Amount, then the following formula is executed iteratively until the Total Raise Remaining has been distributed.

$$ Overfund Allocation =min(\frac{ParticipantAtloRating}{\sum AtloRating} \times Total Raise Remaining, Participant Amount Remaining) $$

Swap allocations are split:

  • 20% (AllocationWhitelist) to Token Whitelist provided by Proposer - Projects launching a token can allocate up to 20% of their sale to wallets of their choosing - this is to reward early adopters and supporters as determined by the Launcher.
  • 80% (AllocationAtlo) to Atlo Launch Participants - The Atlo allocation is distributed amongst the Launch participants as described in the Swap Allocations section above. This includes anything unsold in the Token Whitelist.
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