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Whitepaper Overview

In aerospace, Assembly, Test and Launch Operations (A.T.L.O.) is the phase of the spacecraft project that comprises building the spacecraft, testing it and getting it launched. Atlo Protocol represents these phases for tokens in the Terra Ecosystem.

Atlo Protocol brings the familiarity of Terra and Cosmos governance to the process of launching tokens. It enables the Terra community to govern and vote on the ideas, projects and applications that should be launched into their Terra Ecosystem in the same way that Terra, Anchor and others are governed today. Stakers of $ATLO Token vote on proposals that determine the direction of the Protocol, from what will launch on the platform to the parameters that manage the governance and launch procedures. Launchpads have a significant challenge to ensure their process is fair to both launchers and investors. That does not mean it needs to be complex, confusing or unfair to those participating in the process.

Participation is fundamental to Atlo Protocol. By incentivising the desired behaviours in Atlo Protocol, investors are rewarded with allocations and other benefits. For launchers, knowing they get access to investors with a proven track record who are investing for the long term makes it an attractive environment for everyone involved in Atlo Protocol.

Atlo Protocol is built to be extensible and flexible as the process of governance, investment and launching means it iterates and evolves over time. Atlo will continue to evolve the governance process as Cosmos governance evolves. Atlo does not represent one approach to launching; it will continue to offer new launch methods as more research and development is done in this space. It will always need to be improved. Atlo facilitates project launches without teams taking on all the challenges of launching tokens. This allows launchers to focus on building their best product possible at their most critical time of development while Atlo provides the best launch experience possible.

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