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Atlo Protocol brings launchers and investors together where they are able to interact with each other in a simple, structured, outcomes-based process.


Investors seek out projects that have attractive propositions for the future. Good investors support these projects from ideation to productionisation and beyond. Atlo seeks to attract these high quality, forward thinking investors by creating the necessary environment in which they can operate successfully through simple, clear and fair processes. Atlo facilitates this by incentivising investors to focus on the following:

  • Staking - Stake $ATLO Tokens in Atlo Protocol.
  • Voting - Participate in the governance procedures and voting on proposals.
  • Investing - Deposit UST to participate in IDOs and assist to build the Community Warchest.
  • Continue to support and participate in the Ecosystem for the long term.


Any launcher can apply to launch on Atlo Protocol provided they meet a minimum set of launch criteria, and are deemed to be of a suitable quality by Atlo validators and the community.

Those wanting to launch on the Atlo Protocol need to do the following:

  • Bring the best and brightest ideas, projects and products they believe the Terra community wants, to Atlo Protocol.
  • Provide the details required to submit the proposal.

As part of the community vote, Atlo Protocol will market the launch by ensuring all activity related to the launch is posted to the relevant forums and social media to ensure active and fair participation in the launch process and launch itself.


In Terra, validators participate in consensus by broadcasting votes, commit new blocks to the blockchain, and participate in governance of the blockchain. Validators can cast votes on behalf of their delegators. A validator's voting power is weighted according to their total stake. The top 130 validators make up the Terra Active Validator Set and are the only validators that sign blocks and receive revenue.

In Atlo, validators play the same governance role where stakers can delegate their tokens to a validator who casts votes on their behalf on launch proposals. Validators provide a first layer of protection to investors by vetting projects and performing due diligence on behalf of their respective delegators. It also facilitates validators and launchers confirming that all required details for the proposal are sufficient for it to go through the governance process.

Any participant in the network can signal their intent to become a validator by creating a validator and registering its validator profile which includes details about the validator.

In the initial version of Atlo, validators will come to a consensus on a submitted proposal by signing the proposal prior to the deposit phase. This will consist of the top 5 validators but this number can be changed via governance over time. To pass consensus, 3 out of 5 validators must sign the proposal to approve it. Validators are rewarded by receiving a percentage of the launcher fee. The validator receives their commission for acting as a validator with the rest of the validator fee being rewarded to the delegators as a percentage of their $ATLO delegated of the total $ATLO delegated to the validator.

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