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Atlo Protocol is developed modularly so that it is extensible and adaptable as it evolves over time. Additionally, the governance of Atlo Protocol will drive the direction of what is developed for the Protocol as per the community needs that are proposed and approved. Given this, Atlo’s roadmap is hard to define. However, the Atlo Team have identified some high level roadmap items that are likely to be interesting to the community:

  • Protocol Owned Liquidity Methods:

    • Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools
  • Launch Types:

    • NFTs
  • Launch Market:

    • Smart Contract Auditing Services
    • Marketing Services
    • Community Moderators
    • Legal Services
    • Advisory Services
    • Tokenomics design
  • DeFi:

    • Borrowing against the forward value of vesting tokens and the related liquidation mechanism
    • Links and integration into other DeFi protocols that assist investors to maximise the utility of their funds and tokens
    • Swaps & Exchange
  • Cross Chain

    • Atlo across the Cosmos Ecosystem
    • Launchpad of Launchpads

In terms of capability defined in the whitepaper itself, the order of the roadmap for development is as follows:

  1. Atlo Landing Site
  2. Whitelisting Process
  3. Know Your Customer
  4. Atlo Account Deposits and Withdrawals
  5. Project Prefunding
  6. Token Generation
  7. Token Allocations
  8. Staking
  9. Vesting Schedules
  10. Swap Mechanism
  11. Atlo Rating

    • Staking and Unstaking
    • Votes
    • Vote Quality
  12. Governance

  13. Validators
  14. Fair Launch Auction
  15. Community Warchest
  16. Atlo Rating

    • Contributions to Community Warchest
  17. Earning Anchor Interest on deposited UST

  18. Token Farming on deposited UST
  19. Protocol Owned Liquidity
  20. Atlo Rating

    • Investor Quality
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