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Community Warchest

The Atlo Community Warchest is a pool of $ATLO Tokens and UST managed by the Atlo Protocol to reward participation, fund community grants and continuously improve the protocol.

$ATLO Tokens will be collected in the community warchest through vetoed proposals. These $ATLO tokens will be invested back into the participants of Atlo Protocol to incentivise and encourage greater participation.

Atlo will also develop mechanisms to increase Protocol Owned Liquidity. All liquidity generated via the community using these mechanisms will be held in the Community Warchest. This opens up a number of options to increase the diversity of the portfolio of the Community Warchest over time.

UST will be collected from fees of token launches on the Atlo Launchpad and from any interest earned that investors have allocated from their deposited UST to the Community Warchest. The Community Warchest UST will be used to reward the most active participants in Atlo Protocol.

Any UST held in the Community Warchest will be deposited in Anchor to earn interest over time to increase the size of the Warchest.

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